How do you want to communicate your product or service in a foreign market?

  • Good product localization* ) will make it easier and more effective for you to break into foreign markets, and will avoid numerous misunderstandings!

Localization of Software, Web Pages, and Applications

  • Aside from the translation of texts and web interfaces (keyboard layout, text formatting, numbers, compatibility, and technical processing of an application), localization also includes proper functionality testing, i.e. checking that everything in the localized product works the same as in the original one.
  • It may also include translations of pictures and animations.
  • The resulting text is both commercially successful and optimised for Internet search engines

Within localization, we provide:

  • Complete translation of printed and electronic material (contracts, personnel documents, brochures, product information, etc.), supported by CAT tools
  • E-business transformation based on local parameters (hosting, design, safety, payment systems)
  • Software engineering, implementation, and testing
  • File compatibility check

What is localization?

  • It is a process that includes both a linguistic translation of a text and the incorporation of local specifics (cultural and other conventions, currency, time zone, etc.) as well as field terminology of the target country or location.
  • It helps to adapt the product to the target market as much as possible.
  • It prevents problems caused by an inaccurate translation or unwanted connotations.
  • Aside from maintaining both the content and form of a translated text, it also has the required marketing effect.
  • During the localization process, we use native translators living in the target country, who are therefore most familiar with its environment, customs, and differences.