What are CAT tools?

  • They are database programmes that work on the basis of a translation memory used by professional translators to maintain consistent terminology and speed up the translation process (in no case are they machine translators)
  • If a sentence/segment (identical sentence) or a part of it (similar sentence) repeats in a translated text, the programme notifies the translator, showing how that expression was translated last time. Consequently, the translator goes through the text, completing the translation of a missing part where necessary (which is then saved into the translation memory for further use)

Advantages of using CAT tools

  • They maintain consistent terminology - even if the consequent translation is done by another translator
  • They speed up the translation process significantly - previously translated parts are not translated again, just checked
  • They lower the translation price considerably; especially with periodically updated texts or repetitive structures (the customer does not pay for a translated and repeated term twice)
  • They do not distort either the graphic or text structure
  • They allow most known text and graphic formats to be imported and consequently exported in the same appearance as the original

When to use CAT tools

  • For translations of documents with parts that repeat: Standards, manuals, other technical documents, business contracts, auditor reports, accounting documents, web pages, etc.
  • For translations where key terms from your field repeat regularly and you need to maintain consistent terminology (use of a terminology dictionary, or context search)

Why choose us?

  • We use this state-of–the art technology consistently for your benefit
  • We provide you with a free comparison calculation, comparing the prices of the translation with and without the use of CAT tools
  • We recreate a translation memory from previous translations; this memory is then used again, and its cost often pays for itself during the first translation
  • We create and translate specific terminology to be strictly followed in your translations